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"If a child can't learn in the way that we teach, then we must teach in a way he can learn."Ivar Lovaas, Ph.D

(Fargo Moorhead Families for Early Autism Treatment)

"Serving Fargo Moorhead and Surrounding Area"

FMFEAT's next AUTISM RESOURCE MEETING will take place on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 8:00 PM at Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA) 210 South 7th Street Moorhead, MN
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FMFEAT is a group of parents of children with autism who have organized (based on the FEAT model). For our PRINCIPALS, GOALS & OBJECTIVES click here, our bylaws click here.

We are in the process of becoming a non-profit corporation, and this website is still under construction.

Autism can be overcome! Current clinical research shows that nearly half of all young children with autism treated by an in-home intensive behavioral program (known as Applied Behavioral Analysis, Discrete Trial Training or Intensive Behavior Intervention) achieve normal intellectual and educational functioning by the first grade. Even if they do not, nearly all children are taught how to overcome their limitations in learning with intensive, one-on-one training programs.

In this type of program, compensation is made for learning deficits, and behaviors are reduced which interfere with learning. The results can be profound. Children with autism who have ritualistic or self-injurious behaviors reduce or eliminate these behaviors. They establish eye contact. They learn to stay on task. Finally the children acquire the ability and the desire to learn and to do well.

If you would like to know more or to lend a helping hand please feel free to contact:


1389 Elm Cir.

Fargo, ND 58102

(701) 231-8095


Autism and Treatment Info

Recognizing Autistic Tendencies

Indicators of Normal Development

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