"If a child can't learn in the way that we teach, then we must teach in a way he can learn."Ivar Lovaas, Ph.D

(Fargo Moorhead Families for Effective Autism Treatment)

"Serving Fargo Moorhead and Surrounding Area"


Indicators of Normal Development

Age Skills or Abilities
Awareness and Thinking
Communication Movement Social Self-help

3 months
Responds to new sounds
Follows movement of hands
  with eyes
Looks at object and people
Coos and makes sounds
Smiles at mother's voice
Waves hands and feet
Grasps objects
Watches movement of
  own hands
Enjoys being tickled and
Makes brief eye contact
  during feeding
Opens mouth to bottle or
  breast and sucks

3-6 months Recognizes mother
Reaches for things
Turns head to sounds and
Begins babbling
Imitates sounds
Varies cry
Lifts head and chest
Bangs objects in play
Notices strangers and new
Expresses pleasure or
Likes physical play
Eats baby food from spoon
Reaches for and holds

6-9 months Imitates simple gestures
Responds to name
Makes nonsense syllables
  like gaga
Uses voice to get attention
Stands by holding on to things
Claps hands
Moves objects from one
  hand to the other
Plays peek-a-boo
Enjoys other children
Understands social signals like
  smiles or harsh tones
Drink from a cup with help

9-12 months Plays simple games
Moves to reach desired objects
Looks at pictures in books
Waves bye-bye
Stops when told "no"
Imitates new words
Walks holding on to furniture
Deliberately lets go of an object
Makes markes with a pencil or
Laughs aloud during play
Shows preference for one toy
  over another
Responds to adult's change in
Feeds self with fingers
Drinks from cup

12-18 months Imitates unfamiiar sounds
  and gestures
Points to a desired object
Shakes head to mean "no"
Begins using words
Follows simple commands
Creeps upstairs and downstairs
Walks alone
Stacks blocks
Repeats a performance
  laughed at
Shows emotions like fear or
Returns a kiss or hug
Moves to help in dressing
Indicates wet diaper

18-24 months Identifies parts of own body
Attends to nursery rhymes
Points to pictures in books
Uses two words to describe
Refers to self by name
Jumps in place
Pushes and pulls objects
Turns pages of book one
  by one
Uses fingers and thumb
Cries a bit when parents leave
Becomes easily frustrated
Pays attention to other
Removes clothes without
Unwraps things

24-36 months Matches shapes and objects
Enjoys picture books
Recognizes self in mirror
Counts to ten
Joins in songs and rhythm
Uses three-word phrases
Uses simple pronouns
Follows two instructions at
  a time
Kicks and throws ball
Runs and jumps
Draws straight lines
Strings beads
Pretends and plays make
Avoids dangerous situations
Initiates play
Attempts to take turns
Feeds self with spoon
Uses toilet with some help

Adapted from "Growth and Development Milestones," Maryland Infants and Toddlers
Program, Baltimore, MD, 1995.